The Traveling Shell: Where it all began

The Traveling Shell is actually a sea shell given to Dave from my dad in 2009. Plucked from a beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida, the shell has literally traveled all over the world…from Dave’s deployments to the Middle East, to Hawaii and Alaska and along Route 66, to all over the US and Europe, and to countless places in between.

It’s been dipped in bodies of water from rivers and lakes and oceans, and it’s been inside castles and cathedrals and ruins.  It’s been on planes, trains, and automobiles. It’s been to the Kentucky Derby and Disney and on a cruise. And most recently, it was reunited with my dad under the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The traveling shell is usually the first item on my “things-to-pack” list, and I sometimes spend more time than necessary trying to find the perfect photo opportunity…much to Dave’s chagrin.




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